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With transfer efficiency improvements of at least 15-40% over conventional spray guns and other leading HVLP spray technologies, the DUX spray gun simply saves you money. In fact, the coatings savings are so significant the gun often pays for itself in the first month of use. The spray gun uses DUX’s patented airflow technology to reduce fog and bounce-back from the target – the two leading causes of coating waste. When more material reaches the target, less is released into the air, resulting in a significant reduction in material and consumables costs, delivering a better product for your customer. What’s more, you’ll have greater control over what you can spray, opening the door to numerous cost-saving opportunities. For the first time, operators can spray nearly any type of fluid, onto nearly any surface with a single gun – while reducing coatings usage and improving finish quality.


Most spray guns incorporate a front-heavy body design with fluid hose connections near the tip of the gun. Over the course of a long work day, the extra weight causes arm fatigue and uneven spray patterns that impact finish quality. Inspired by patented airflow technology, originally used in Formula Three race car engines the DUX gun, is designed with shorter air passages, an upright handle, and fluid and air connections located at the base of the


“The DUX gun is the first truly new gun the industry has ever seen. Every other gun on the market is simply a modified version of a previous design. While other manufacturers seem to be trying to cut corners to cut their own costs, DUX is putting out a truly high-end product that, so far, has saved us between 15-30% on our coating usage.”

Larry Boville Jr., Owner
Boville Industrial Coatings,
Smithville, OH